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Author Topic: Any chances for custom software development? New features and ideas  (Read 2977 times)


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Has anyone new ideas for POS software? Are there new features that could be useful or could optimize the POS business process and it not present in the current "box" software?
I believe that all product managers \ business people has some ideas they wants to be implemented in the current software. Good chance to be the leader in your local market, or in global market, or to make your software product #1 is to develop new feature and be in touch with newest technologies.

SoftElegance is outsourcing software development company (www.softelegance.com) with an large experience in POS software development (using .NET Framework and\or APS.NET). We successful done several projects not only as coders, we could act as IT consulting and outsourcing product management company. Currently we runs innovative bar-code project.


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Re: Any chances for custom software development? New features and ideas
« Reply #1 on: June 07, 2010, 05:16:19 AM »
well my dear friend ,even if those 'project managers' have any idea then could not get them implemented since many organisations are running commercial softwares and source codes are not provided so there could be no modifications.And i do not think there are any .net based POS softwares which are opensource. most of  the opensource softwares are php based and your organisation does not have a php profile.
so i am afraid your organisation does not seem to be well equipped to handle this niche.


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