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Author Topic: World's First POS Using Artificial Intelligence To Help Retail Businesses  (Read 387 times)


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We just launched the world's first POS called Shoptimality which uses AI to help small brick and mortar retailers. It is also completely free. We've been working really hard on it for the last year and a half and we would greatly appreciate if the POSforum community could review our solution and give us some feedback.

Namely, artificial intelligence technology usage in retail has been in the upswing over the last few years however, it was only accessible to the large retail chains due to high pricing and non-existent generic solutions. Main motivation behind Shoptimality is to change that and to bring retail AI technology to small brick and mortar retailers.

Shoptimality AI can help retail businesses in multiple ways.

In regards to customers, Shoptimality AI is capable of issuing completely personalized offers on receipts during purchases in store. Our AI does this by analyzing items in the current basket and deciding on the items a given customer would most likely need in the follow up purchase.

In addition, Shoptimality POS also allows your customers to use loyalty cards and when they do so, our AI is capable of generating and sending personalized offers via e-mail to your customer at scale, based on their interests which are gathered during purchases. This helps retailers to bring their customers back in store.

Also, it is capable of analyzing general patterns in your overall customer behavior and discover what items are your customers most likely to buy together. Based on this, it advises you on what items to put next to each other in store and what items to run promotions and when so you can maximize customer satisfaction and get them to spend more.

For the other things, Shoptimality AI is also capable of predicting stockouts, predicting rising or falling future demand for particualr products and predicting your store revenue, that is exactly how mush is expected to be generated in the future from every single one of the products you have in an inventory.

It is a hybrid cloud and in-store solution. Namely, the POS register is an Android application which integrates with various peripherals such as credit card readers, barcode readers and thermal receipt printers. However, the app synchronizes with the cloud so you, as a store owner, can use our website to run analytics and view all the sales related data in near-real time from wherever you are. This architecture also enables your registers to operate in the offline mode for the situations when there's no internet connectivity. You can set up as many register and stores as you want from within the single web interface.

Again, this is completely free so feel free to take a look, sign up, try it out. We would really appreciate any kind of feedback from you, whether it's good or bad ;)

To check it out, you can visit our web site at http://www.shoptimality.com/


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