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Author Topic: Looking for perfect POS! Look no further!  (Read 174 times)


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Looking for perfect POS! Look no further!
« on: September 21, 2017, 07:38:06 AM »
Hi all POS adorers!

Recently I read a lot about these POS solutions, their functionality and limits, as well as their price and usability. I think it really changed the way that restaurants and takeaways function, instead the old-fashioned way where waiter gets to you with pencil and waiting for your order response. By the way he is not always in the mood and you could not see his honest smile.

A friend of mine is owner of a small restaurant and he runs it locally, no big income but he is happy with what he got. He tried a couple of those software solutions and wasn't very impressed by none of them. Some of those software were pretty complicated to use for him and others were completely unreliable too. He didn't invest that much though. Eventually, he found what is later become PERFECT POS solution. It's called Zienix, from UK company http://zienix.co.uk. They offered pretty easy to use solution (as my friend there is not so in tech), and it was available as free trial for 30 days or so.

After trial expired, he decided to sign a permanent deal with Zienix, as it turned out to be multi-option software that included table scheme, takeaway option and some kind of customer database for management and owner. He even expanded his menu and hired another chef that added some Italian dishes and customers absolutely loved it :-)

If you are interested, just find Zienix company and ask for their ultimate POS, you'll love it!


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